We have a variety of computer diagnostic tools. We can access most vehicles on board computers, we can read live data, operate vehicle components, test vehicle components, reset certain values, reset service reminders, read trouble codes, repair and reset trouble codes.

Intermittent and problems while driving are sometimes hard to detect. We have black box recorders which records vehicles live data. This helps us analyse data at the time the fault occurs to help detect the problem.



We service all cars from vintage cars to todays modern cars.

We service the vehicles to manufacture's specification.

We carry out logbook servicing for vehicles which does not affect your new car warranty.

We also check new vehicles for faults and provide you with a report, so that the faults can be rectified before the new car warranty expires.

All parts fitted meet or exceed manufacture's specification. We use oils and lubricants that are specified for vehicles.

We also have a vehicle specific computer service program which we use when log books are not available.

A full computer system scan is performed on every service.

We have preventive maintenance systems to help your car be trouble free for longer.

We check for components that are likely to fail and advise you before they fail.

We have a comprehensive vehicle specific database with vehicle service specifications and intervals that certain components need to be changed.

We have access to various technical data help lines.

We have a large database of workshop manuals, timing belt replacement manuals and vehicle computer ECU information and troubleshooting manuals.

When your car is serviced by us we make sure your car is running at its best.


All modern cars have multiple computers which monitor and control vehicles operation.

The technology in modern cars today is mind boggling.

Because of this technology cars have become more complex, more knowledge, tools and equipment is required to service and repair todays vehicles.

The benefit of this is the vehicles are more reliable and can go for longer periods without servicing.

Because we understand today’s complex vehicle systems and have the equipment, we find it easier to work on vehicles. By connecting computer diagnostic tools we can access a variety of information like, Injector pulse, throttle position sensor voltage, ignition timing,

engine Revolutions, coolant temperature, fuel pump voltage, just to name a few.

Also any faults would be stored on the vehicles on board computer system, this helps us find problems and prevent future problems.

The computer diagnostic tool can also control vehicles components, like turn on the fuel pump, operated wipers, operate power windows, turn on front left head light etc.This helps in testing components and testing operation power supply and currant draw of the components.​



Brake system is an important part of vehicle safety.

There is more to the brake system than just replacing brake pads.

To have optimal brake performance, the surfaces of brake rotor and brake pads have to be flat, the brake master cylinder has to be working correctly, and brake booster has to be functioning correctly, all brake pipes and hoses have to have no leaks or be deteriorated, the brake fluid has to have no moisture or be past its used by date, brake calliper slides have to be working correctly, brake callipers need to be serviced regularly, all brake and ABS sensors need to checked and cleaned regularly, ABS ECU needs to be scanned and checked for error codes, vehicle stability computers need to scanned and checked for any error codes.

Brakes will still function when they are not serviced, but in an emergency braking situation, brakes working at optimal performance will stop many meters earlier.

When we service your brakes we make sure they are working at optimal performance.